Dr Andrew N. Sergis, Teaching Centre in Enfield, Middlesex
Dr. Andrew N. Sergis, BSc(Hons), PhD, CSci, CChem, MRSC, Cert. Ed(FE), ATP
Mission Statement:
The academy is committed to providing excellent tuition that is affordable to everyone in order to build success for all. To achieve this, high quality teaching and professional guidance is always guaranteed.
Dr. A. N. Sergis

Private Tuition & Teaching Centre in Enfield, Middlesex

Look no further for the highest standards of education. The Dr Sergis Academy offers private tuition at our highly respected teaching centre based in Enfield, Middlesex.


Exam Success is Yours

The Dr Sergis Academy has built up a reputation for excellence, continually producing students with outstanding grades since we began in 1995. Our highly qualified tutor has been independently assessed and inspected, offering a high calibre of learning.

Group Instruction, Teaching Centre in Enfield, Middlesex

With state-of-the-art facilities, our experienced and dedicated tutor ensures that you fulfill your true potential. We offer a wide range of subjects backed up with key skills and tutorial sessions, as well as sound advice on study skills tailored to your precise needs and requirements. View the exam boards we work with today. We cover:

• Exam techniques • Revision classes • Career advice • Homework • Research

Inspiring Teaching

Learn to think critically and contribute towards your chosen subject at the Dr Sergis Academy. Students are motivated to think outside the box, gaining insight and reaping all the benefits of top-quality teaching. Our thorough, thoughtful approach ensures that each and every student is rewarded.


See It for Yourself

Our students' testimonials demonstrate the high-calibre work of the Dr Sergis Academy in full. Your studies include education courses and more at a fantastic value for your money. Tap into your inner academic and find out more about us today, and keep up-to-date with the latest news in our newsletters.


Academic Consultancy

Our accomplished research scientist and tutor provides academic consultancy in a variety of subjects, including:

• Revision
  & study techniques
• Exam preparation
• Chemical research
• Organic synthesis
• Biochemical research
• Theoretical chemistry
• Physical sciences
• Biological
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